The Trumperor has no clothes!

This site is published by a true patriot (unlike the traitors and insurrectionists who falsely call themselves “patriots”), who is thrilled that our extremely damaged country is no longer under control of the Orange Menace and his evil minions. This site will remain active until the “former guy” stops lying. Unfortunately, that surely won’t happen until he drops dead.

Some of my favorite “pet names” for The Former Guy:┬áMango Mussolini, Cheeto Jesus, Donald Drumpf, Agent Orange, TRE45ON, Trumpty Dumpty, Cheeto Benito, Fuckface von Clownstick, Humpty Trumpty, IMPOTUS, Orange Julius Caesar, Orange Oligarch, Tangerine Tyrant, Commander-in-Tweet, Angry Pumpkin, and so many more well-deserved monikers!

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